The current building was built in 1957.

Our history

We, the Disciples of Christ, of Canton and vicinity do hereby agree to form ourselves into an organization for the purpose of Working together for the advancement of the Cause of Christianity.

With this statement on January 27, 1890, thirty-three individuals began what would become the Canton Christian Church.

On November 25, 1890, Joel Denny, Leander Motsinger and Enoch Parr, as Trustees of the Canton Christian Church, purchased from James J. Mitchell, for $55.00, a tract of land upon which to build a building dedicated to the worship of the one true God. James Mitchell was a doctor and had an office in Canton at that time. The building, a one room frame structure approximately 32' by 50', was built by the men of the Church, supervised by William Cooley, a carpenter from Tampico, Indiana. The Church was built in 1891 and dedicated in early 1892. A belfry and entry way was added about 1896 or 1897.

This building with its wood burning stoves on either side of the room and its pews made from 1 by 4 inch poplar lumber served the congregation until April 3, 1956, when a tornado swept through Washington County leveling the Church along with many other structures. There was doubt that the Church would be rebuilt, but soon a new building was under way. Ray Wesner, a farmer and member of the congregation, took a year off from farming and was paid $ 1.00 per hour to supervise the construction. All other labor was donated. The new building was dedicated September 29, 1957. A 2400 sq. ft. addition, doubling the seating capacity as well as providing a baptistery and additional classrooms, was dedicated August 21, 1977. A gift of land by L.B. and Hazel Ford and acquisitions in 1998 and 2000 provided space for vehicles. In 2011, the church bought 3 ½ acres of land, which included a house, from the Ford family. Plans to build a new sanctuary and fellowship hall are in the future.

Canton Christian has historically supported many local causes as well as some worldwide. South India Church of Christ Mission, Church of Christ Mission in India, College of the Scriptures, Wonder Valley Camp, Hoosier Christian Village and Pioneer Bible Translators are among those now receiving support.

In the late 1950's or early 1960's the congregation adopted a constitution that reflects the purpose for which the Canton Christian Church was established. “This Church shall be legally and ecclesiastically independent of all denominations, councils, agencies, societies and mergers, and shall recognize only Christ as its head, with no other authority in or of the world over the Church. In all matters not specifically commanded by Christ, this Church shall recognize its own and the freedom of its members in Christ.”

This purpose has served the Canton Christian Church well for over a century and it is our prayer that it will continue to do so until the return of our Lord.

Canton Christian Church, Salem, Indiana

This mural is painted in the baptistry and faces the congregation.  Florence Blackman painted the mural in 1956.